Mantra and Bhajan music CDs

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A Song In Your Heart (Live recording)
ShantiMayi chants with Sacha Sangha in Amsterdam 1998.
A wonderful energy is created is this old Vondel church.

 €18 / $20  M01
I am That I am285x285r

I am THAT I am (Live recording)
ShantiMayi chants with Sacha Sangha in various sacred locations.
Includes several tracks which are dedicated to Shiva.

 €18 / $20  M03

Spirit of Peace (Live recording)
ShantiMayi chants with Sacha Sangha.
This is an extremely powerful, deep and touching recording.

 €18 / $20  M04

Dancing Spirit
contains a fine selection of mantras and bhajans in wonderful arrangements.

 €18 / $20  M05

Premo: I cannot say in Words
ShantiMayi has called Premo a "Gandharva" (an angelic singer).
This music can bring you straight into the wordless Heart of All.

 €18 / $20  M06

Premo: In the Light of Your Eyes
Another lovely CD of Prema's devotional music.
A radiantly beautiful CD.

 €18 / $20  M07

Sacha AllStars (Live recording)
Mantras and bhajans chanted with such enthusiasm and depth
that you are transported to the center of your being, your very heart.

 €18 / $20  M09

ShantiMayi and Sacha Sangha, live recording
India 2005. These recordings are very heart touching

 €18 / $20  M10