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Sacha Offerings

Updated: 2015-05-29

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Sacha CD: Spiritual Music for Healing and Meditation

Mantras & Bhajans (devotional songs)

Gayatri Mantra: CDs and book

Metta Meditation and Healing Music


Spiritual teachings by ShantiMayi


Sacha DVD

Spiritual DVDs (videos) with satsangs, interviews and spiritual journeys with ShantiMayi.



Book, calendar and greeting cards from ShantiMayi and others.


How to order

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This site is a basket full of offerings of ShantiMayi and the Sacha Sangha.



The sale of all our items raises funds to support the on-going projects of the Sacha Sangha.

2005 Sacha Sangha. Sacha Sangha is a spiritual non-profit organization of Heartful Beings.

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visitors from 70 countries.

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