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Live recordings of Mantras & Bhajans

by ShantiMayi and the Sacha Sangha


Singing with Sri ShantiMayi

The power of chanting in the presence of the Master.


A mantra or bhajan is being chanted for the well being of all sentient beings,

and is completely impersonal by nature.

The precise frequency permeates ignorance in the widest sense.


There are two ways of empowering a mantra or a bhajan:


One way is the empowerment of chanting by heart in complete freedom.

You simply feel attracted to chant without any theory or rationalization.

The second way to empower the working of a mantra or bhajan is when it is chanted in the presence of an enlightened Master.


Most of the Sacha CDs are recorded while the Sangha of Sri ShantiMayi chants with and in Her presence.


ShantiMayi energizes the chanting beyond conceptualization. These recordings are unique.

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Parivartan (The change)


Index of the CD


 Solo Dios Basta!






 Medicine Buddha


 He yama yo


 Om Shanti




 Guru Devaki

9 Narayana Om

Total playing time: 58:15


Order code: M10


ShantiMayi and Sacha Sangha.

Live recording Sacha Dham, India 2005

These recordings are very heart touching.

 Listen to audio samples of this CD in WinMedia format:

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A Song in your Heart


Order code: M01

Index of the CD

 1. Krishna Govinda Gopala

 2. He Govinda He Gopala

 3. Govinda Radhe

 4. Shakti Shiva

 5. Hallelujah

 6. Om Mani Padme Hum

 7. Sarva's Dream

 8. Kailash Sri Shakti Shiva

 9. Jaya Guru Om Kara

10. Om Parvati

11. Yashodananda

12. Mother I can hear your Heart beat

(Total time 74:20 min.)


ShantiMayi chants with Sacha Sangha in Amsterdam, 1998.

A wonderful energy is created in this old Vondel church


 Listen to audio samples of this CD in WinMedia format:


Track 1: Krishna Govinda Gopala

Track 3: Govinda Radhe

Track 5: Hallelujah

Track 8: Kailash Sri Shakti Shiva

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Spirit of Peace


Order code: M04

Index of the CD


1. Spirit of Peace                          

2. He He Govinda                        

3. Radhe Radhe Radhe Bolo        

4. Sacha Baba Maha                     

5. Khalbee Khalbee Khalbee        

6. Om Namo Maharajji                  

8. This life belongs to You   


Total playing time 52.29


ShantiMayi chants with Sacha Sangha.

This is an extremely powerful, deep and touching recording.

Spirit of peace is recorded live at The Priory of Serrabone,

an old church in the French Pyrenees.

The Bhajans and mantras are from India and Arabia.

Some are in English.

Listen to audio samples of this CD as mp3:


Spirit of Peace 01 Spirit of Peace

Spirit of Peace 02 He He Govinda

Spirit of Peace 07 Om Namo Maharajji.



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Sacha AllStars


Order code: M09



Mantras and bhajans chanted with such enthusiasm and depth
that you are transported to the center of your being, your very heart.
Chant along!

Live recording in the presence of ShantiMayi.

Listen to audio samples of this CD as mp3:


SAS - 01 E Malama

SAS - 02 Om Sri Sacha

SAS - 03 Gayatri

SAS - 04 Narayana

SAS - 06 Pachamama



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Om Asatoma with ShantiMayi and Nilong


Order code: M12

Index / Listen to audio samples:


1. Himalayan Ganga Meditation 13.44
2. Om Asatoma 10.40
3. Crystal Meditation 14.28

Vocals: ShantiMayi and Nilong
Keyboard and Bansuri: Arjuna
Percussion: Sahara

Recorded at Ganga Ma Studio Australia

Special price: €10/$10




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